CLIENT: Ubisoft

SKILLS: Concept, in-game capture, motion design, editing, music licensing, scriptwriting, sound design, sound mix


Ubisoft approached us to create 1 trailer for one their biggest new IP announcement. When they see what we came up with, they asked us to handle their whole campaign including their DLC. We proudly defined the tone that would be used for all the series. The tone was set.

The Concept

At REZ, we believe a trailer should evoke the same emotions and thrills players have when playing a game. To pull that off, we find a way build that experience into the video before the game is published, and players even get a game pad in their hands. For these trailers, we recreated the adrenalin rush of intense pursuits only blockbuster trailers convey. How? Simple. We took our gamepad and created mesmerizing captures through the streets of Chicago!


The Production

The visuals and audio we created are synched to the pace of a pounding heartbeat; the intimacy of the audio forces the viewer to be very conscious of the physical effort of the chase, while being fully embedded in the real ambient sounds of the city. An element that works well here is how we integrated banner quotes from the press into the game’s environment, without interrupting the action.
Behind all that slick awesomeness are hours and hours spent creating shots with a virtual camera while playing the game. After finding the right music, we re-worked the piece with the artist to customize the pace, making it fit perfectly with the rhythm of the video.
Every moment is tuned and blended to heighten the drama and give it that signature REZ CERATIVE cinematic gameplay.