CLIENT: Ubisoft

SKILLS: Concept, Logo, Motion Design, VFX, Editing, Sound Design, Sound Mix


Ubisoft asked Rez to create the announcement trailer for their beautiful and poetic game; Child Of Light. We also designed and animated a reworked thematic version of the famous Ubisoft logo.

The Concept

Child of Light is a critically acclaimed game that received a lot of attention for its stunning art design. The game feels lovingly hand-made and organic, so naturally, our trailer had to stay very close to the game’s signature aesthetics.


The Production

We came up with the idea of animating ink spills that would bloom and spread to reveal the key scenes of the story. As the game was still being built, and to create the trailer we had in mind, we shot small cinematic snippets and animated some concept-art, we also captured the main character on green screen to save time on animation and to stay within budget.

We shot real ink spills on paper and integrated that aesthetic effect onto the Ubisoft logo.


It took only four weeks to complete, but the finished trailer is breathtaking. Besides the gorgeous visuals; the audio ensemble of music, voice over and sound effects came together seamlessly, a recipe for what we, and our client feel was a tone-perfect trailer, and very different to the usual fare offered by the video game industry.
It was also successfully received the world over by both the public, and the press. Upon release, the game went on to get huge attention and sold very well.