To date, REZ has created the in-game cinematics for no less than three games: Tiny Brains, Arena: Cyber Evolution and Games Workshop’s Mordheim: City of the Damned!


Based on our work and reputation, Games Workshop, along with Focus Home Interactive and developers Rogue Factor, gave REZ the job of creating the opening cinematics for the first video game adaptation of the table-top classic: Mordheim: City of the Damned.

One of the thrills of working on a project like this was getting to use the beautiful illustrations of the great John Blanche. To tell the story of the world in this game, we worked closely with the dev team, digitally cropping out the artwork and animating everything. As you can imagine, the originality and creativity of this type of work was quite a challenge. It was a project that allowed REZ to flex its full creative and technical know how: from VFX, to animation, and 3D, to sound design, and VO: all the emotional elements required to fully immerse the player in this dark and super atmospheric trailer that we are very super proud of.

Mordheim_screenshot_1 Mordheim_screenshot_5 Mordheim_screenshot_3 Mordheim_screenshot_2

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Tiny Brains was Spearhead’s first game, and we were heavily involved in an unusually wide scope of aspects: from the concept and visuals of the marketing campaign, to the character development and casting of their principal; The Scientist. Apparently more than satisfied with our work, Spearhead Games then offered us the job of creating all their in-game cinematics.

While working with the Spearhead team on the storyline for the cinematics, we also developed a trailer script that would let The Scientist tell us what he was up to in his own words, kind of like a storybook, but animated to look like an engineers blueprint. Turns out, our Scientist has very limited drawing skills (5yr old child!) but makes up for it with a huge, all be it mad, imagination.

We created all the visual elements as if he had drawn them himself, and then animated them, bringing it all to life as if we were in his head, seeing what he sees.

From concept to publication, the trailer took a mere four weeks. However, it was the first time we created our own cinematics, so there were a few challenges along the way, but the results speak for themselves and were well worth the effort.


We continued to work with Spearhead, collaborating with them on their next project: Arena: Cyber Evolution, a new E-Sport game. Our focus this time was on the metastory, giving comprehensive context to the concept, and game-play. We created the visuals and animation in a way that would immerse the player deep in the action of this futuristic adventure. We worked with the dev team, and wrapped this engaging and high-energy trailer in under three weeks.