Over the past few years, REZ has won prizes, got nominations and film festival screenings all over the world. And most importantly, gained clients satisfaction! And the press has talked about all of that! Here are a few of articles.


”We live in a crazy, perverted world. A world where, in many ways, a video game’s trailer is more important than the game itself, since it’s the former that can often be solely responsible for sales of the latter.

Whatever you think of that trend, you’ve got to admit that the trailers themselves are often fantastic works of art in their own right, short films with a quality in production to rival anything you see on the big screen.

Given their prominence in the trade, many people often assume most/all of these clips are made by Blur, but that’s not the case. There are studios like Plastic Wax doing much the same thing, but there are also studios like REZ, whose work is a little more grounded in reality.”

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”Que ce soit dans le cinéma ou le jeu vidéo, l’art du trailer est primordial dans les plans de communication de toute entreprise qui se respecte. Censé véhiculer bien en amont de la sortie de l’oeuvre, une ambiance à travers des moments forts choisis minutieusement, le trailer offre un premier aperçu de l’oeuvre qui n’est d’ailleurs pas toujours représentatif de la qualité finale du produit. Monter un trailer, ou du moins un bon trailer, n’est pas chose aisé car au-delà de l’agencement des séquences, il faut avoir l’oeil, ce petit plus qui fera la différence entre un trailer qu’on oubliera quelques minutes après l’avoir vu et un autre qui restera gravé dans nos mémoires ad vitam aeternam.

Nous avons ainsi décidé d’aller à la rencontre de la société REZ, composée de Dimitri et Robin, deux jeunes frenchies actuellement expatriés en Chine et ayant à leur actif un parcours plutôt impressionant incluant des trailers de jeux comme Assassin’s Creed Unity, Watch Dogs, The Amazing Spider-Man, Project CARS. C’est avec beaucoup de passion et d’entrain que Dimitri est revenu sur leur parcours et sur la façon de créer une bande-annonce qui marque que ce soit pour promouvoir un Triple A ou un jeu aux moyens beaucoup plus réduits.”

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”The simpler settings will often tell a much bigger story than the full blown explosive productions. ‘Death by Chocolate’ is by no means a simple production, but with a contained setting the guys from REZ managed to tell us an addictive and compelling story of a former movie star who has a hard time adjusting to life after fame and meets her hired killer to cancel the contract.

We love films that are driven by strong dialogues, but Dimitri Gochgarian and Robin Veret found all the means possible to drive the film forward and make it convincing as it is, and evident passion is definitely one of them with the focus on details like makeup, costume and set design. The film’s crew and designers deserve much of the credit for it, but such a visual setting cannot be created without Dimitri & Robin’s artistic vision.

The film was all knotted together by the warm performance by actors Julian Casey & Tara Nicodemo which firmly believed in their roles to drive the authenticity of their particular characters and situation.”

You can find the full article here


”Death By Chocolate is an incredibly clever short film that will leave you ecstatic and slow clapping as the credits roll. Co-directed by Dimitri Gochgarian, Death By Chocolate tells the story of “A former movie star [who] has a hard time adjusting to life after fame. Somewhat anxious, yet determined, she meets with her hired killer to cancel the contract”. Death By Chocolate is a film that will shock and awe audience through its use of intense dialogue and a highly engaging back to back that is the main element of this short film. Death By Chocolate is a short film that garners a strong emotional connection that is both refreshing and endearing.

With a runtime of ten minutes, Death By Chocolate unfolds slowly through what can accurately be described as a slow reveal of a highly structured twist. Dimitri Gochgarian utilizes a psychologically twisting combination of dialogue and plot shifts that create a world of mystery that will have audiences hooked. Without providing much spoilers, Death By Chocolate can be considered a short film that really delivers at the end, if you stick it through and witness the more than entertaining exchange of words between the film’s two leads you’ll be rewarded with a piece of narrative brilliance.

In Death By Chocolate, Dimitri Gochgarian showcases a skill in this short film not often gifted to many filmmakers. In Death By Chocolate he showcases the ability to convey a sense of danger and adventure through solely dialogue and very little physical action. For film lovers and filmmakers alike, Death By Chocolate is a film to not only watch but to see how words can be just as strong as actions.

The cinematography in Death By Chocolate, is breathtaking. Using the RED One camera Death By Chocolate achieves a look and aesthetic that mirrors its dark tone and the feel of the period that it utilizes as its setting. The framing and shots are somewhat standard in Death By Chocolate, but are used with a purpose that greatly serves the underlying narrative.”

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