REZ is a video game trailer company whose field of expertise includes target marketing and film production. A video game trailer company is able to create a condensed version of a video game so as to expose a collection of its greatest contents. A video game trailer must imperatively attract global target players' attention and reveal the general environnement and thrills the players will feel when playing to the game.

In the first place, our video game trailer company has to evaluate the game not as a genre but in terms of its fundamental characteristics. What are the particular strengths of the videogame ? Design ? Scenario ? Dialogue ? Music ? Animation ? Our video game trailer company needs a special care with regard to the merits of the video game.

Genre will of course guide the trailer process and define the general atmosphere. But which aspects are the best ones to market and bring forward ? Does the video game trailer have to be funny but has to include some gravitas ? Does it have to be serious and include a few zingers for frivolity ? The main objective of our video game trailer company is, ultimately, to attrack more buyers and increase studios' sales.

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