REZ is also specialized in the making of Live Action videos. Not only dev diaries and making of, we developed skills through short movies and music videos, getting awards and recognition amongst film festivals across the globe and specialized and design websites!


”When i started working on videogametrailers, my will to create movies came back. I met Robin Veret who was a director at Ubisoft Montreal and we decided to do a World War I short called On The Other Side.

I acted more as a producer on that one but felt this was the right place for me at that time. I learnt a lot. It helped me defining my own perspective on things. It is the best and only filmmaking lesson i ever had!

This movie is a war drama with a big crew – around 30 people, real trenches, gunshots, stunts, mud, rain, day and night shooting, etc… We learned the hard way… For a first experience in live action, it was a hell of a ride but also one of the best experience of our life!

Then we’ve decided to work on an other project and while still producing, i was more acting as a writer and director so Robin and I co-signed Death By Chocolate! That was a natural process.”

The birth of Death by Chocolate came with this idea: A challenge. We felt we needed to write a simple yet engaging story between two characters in one location.

We needed to keep high visual standards and production value but the first efforts would be focused towards the story. To keep our audience engaged, we’ve tried to write a story that grows in you; we needed strong dialogs and characters that would stand out.” Dimitri

Production Stories: On the Other Side

The set of On The Other Side was so muddy, rainy and cold the crew couldn’t dream of a better realist set up… But on day 2 of the shooting, the rain kept falling and flooded the whole trench making the shoot of several sequences impossible. We had to rework the script in the night and do additional takes in a studio later.
The movie was first intended to be a black&white movie but when we saw the first images from the shoot they thought it would be a mistake!



Production Stories: Death By Chocolate

The very first version of the script was more related to the novel we got inspired from and the action would happen in a dinner. When we’ve decided to give this background the female character, that she would be this kind of faded fame from Hollywood, the dinner idea felt off. So we looked out for a cool, fancy and timeless restaurant.
We’ve also changed our mind about the music during the editing process. We thought having licensed music with this retro touch of jazz would increase tremendously the quality of the final result.
We decided to cut the head of the waitress and you can never clearly see people in the background as we wanted to keep the 2 main characters in their bubble. When you start watching the film, you’re not entering a specific place but the two characters’ world, their rules. But it is purely for a creative purpose as she was terrific and we gave her the lead role for a music video later!
Nobody could eat the chocolate cakes we baked for the opening credits as we needed them for the following scenes! It was a bit frustrating as we were in a real restaurant during its closed days and the chef was amazingly skilled! It smelled chocolate all day of the first shooting day… It was kind of hard to focus 🙂

Production Stories: Willie Cortes – Note to Self

We’ve always wanted to create a black&white video so when Willie Cortes contacted us to create a music video for his upcoming EP, we thought it would be a great fit. Willie didn’t want to be in the video. His was exposing himself and his relationship enough in his song so we came with this idea that the lead character would be a female. It’s kind of our take on our beloved movie, Drive. Kind of 🙂



Production Stories: Sarahmée – Retox

Sarahmée asked us to direct her first music video and since it as also our first ever music videos, we thought we should celebrate. And film the party. And it was all a about it. 1 day. 1 night. And we used real alcohol on set so everything could go a little bit wilder



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